Is your teenager not acting like her regular self?

Does he seem to be down a lot of the time? Are discussions with her heated more and more often? Being a teenager is hard these days. And parenting them can be even harder. Your family used to be connected and you used to feel like you had this parenting thing down. What happened?

Teenagers & Family Therapy Services in Kansas City

Reasons you might call

  • Your teenager feels down or cries at the drop of a hat
  • Your teenager doesn’t enjoy life as much as they used to
  • Your teenager cannot turn their mind off
  • Your teenager is unmotivated
  • You and your teenager are arguing more and more often
  • Your teenager doesn’t know where she is headed in life
  • Your teenager is unhappy
  • Your teenager is moody and loses his temper easily
  • Your teenager can’t get past a mistake that she made
  • Your teenager needs support as he goes through a family transition
  • You need help talking with your teenager

How I can help

Together, we can figure out why these things are happening. From working with teenagers and their families, I have learned that teenagers often want more independence, while parents want more connection. Of course, this can cause arguments! I can help you and your teenager figure out how to work together during these final years at home. I can help you hear one another in a new way. We can find a way for there to be a place for freedom and responsibilities.

Sometimes a teenager struggles with more than her family. If life has become overwhelming and stressful for your teen, I can help him work through this. Often, it is good for a teenager to have an adult to talk to, other than his parents, that will provide support and guidance. I can help your teen identify why they are struggling and ways to help her feel better.

Ways therapy can help

  • Feel more calm and relaxed
  • Be more confident
  • Have better, closer relationships and enjoy one another again
  • Know what you want out of life
  • Have more joy in your life

Your teenager will feel better. Your family will enjoy each other again. There is hope. It doesn’t have to be this hard. Give me a call today and see if counseling is the next, right step for you and your family.