Spilled Chili

“Come on. It’s time to go to school” I yell to my son. I do a quick scan of all of our items to make sure we are ready to load into the car. His backpack, his lunch bag, bowl of chili for my lunch, my work bag, jackets for both of us, my coffee mug. Yes! It is a day where I have everything together. And on the first attempt out the door. We are going to be on time. I am such a good mom.

Oh, the dog. I set down my things to open the door and let our dog out. Ok, son, it’s time to go. What is this?! My bowl of chili has had a mishap. It is no longer tightly sealed in its container, but is now spilled on my laptop, seeping into my work bag, and soaking into the carpet. And now, the dog is licking it up.

Run, run, run. Hurry, hurry, hurry. No time to waste.

Too often, this is the pace of my life. I am rushing to get my kids dressed, fed, and off to school. Then hurry to work to send emails, see clients, return phone calls. Then, hurry home for dinner, activities, homework and bed. Can your relate?

This pace of life wears me out. And leaves no time for mishaps like spilled chili. My patience runs thin, my voice gets loud, my sanity oozes out of my grasp, just like that stupid chili.

Thankfully, I have my five year old to guide me through times such as these. Yes, I know I shouldn’t have put the chili on top of my bag. Yes, I agree. It was a poor decision. Yes, I think I will make a better decision next time.

In that moment, I could see the humor in my five year old asking his mom the same questions he is asked on a daily basis. I felt my body calming down. I could feel my sanity starting to find it’s way back to me. I could see there was no use crying over spilled chili.  I just need to make a better decision next time. And maybe use a better bowl.

Date: November 12, 2014

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