I can help you find the hope, peace, and connection you deserve. I offer individual and couples therapy, for teenagers and adults in the Overland Park area.

This is your next step.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy Services in Kansas City

Are you stressed, tired, overwhelmed? Life can feel like too much sometimes. We get worn out, irritable and our relationships suffer. People may think we are fine, but we know the truth. We can’t turn our minds off and lay awake at night. Sometimes we know the reason for this and don’t know what to do about it. Sometimes we have no idea why we are struggling.

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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy Services in Kansas City

Do you feel like you have grown apart over the years? Are you having problems communicating with each other? Do you need to get your relationship back on track? Sometimes, relationships drift apart. Sometimes, relationships are ripped apart. We try to tell each other what is going on, but it doesn’t work. There is too much hurt or anger. We wonder…will this get better?

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Teenagers & Family

Teenager & Family Therapy Services in Kansas City

Is your teenager not acting like her regular self? Does he seem to be down a lot of the time? Are discussions with her heated more and more often? Being a teenager is hard these days. And parenting them can be even harder. Your family used to be connected and you used to feel like you had this parenting thing down. What happened?

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